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Pre-Assessment Audit Management Review 

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What is Pre-Assessment Audit Management Review ?

Pre-Assessment Audit Management Review refers to the process of reviewing and evaluating an organization's management system prior to the formal assessment or audit by a certification body. It is a proactive measure taken by the organization to identify any gaps or areas for improvement in their management system before undergoing the official certification audit. The management review involves assessing the effectiveness of the implemented system, analyzing performance data, and identifying opportunities for enhancement. The purpose is to ensure that the organization is well-prepared and meets the requirements of the certification standard before undergoing the final audit

How can Nixan help you?

  • Documentation review: Examine the organization's documented processes, procedures, and policies to ensure they align with the requirements of the relevant management system standard.

  • Process analysis: Analyze the organization's key processes and their effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. This may involve reviewing process documentation, conducting interviews with personnel, and observing process activities.

  • Gap analysis: Identify any gaps or non-conformities between the organization's current practices and the requirements of the management system standard. This helps identify areas that need improvement or corrective action.

  • Performance measurement: Assess the organization's performance metrics and indicators to determine the effectiveness of the management system in achieving its intended objectives. This may involve reviewing data, conducting interviews, and analyzing performance reports.

  • Compliance assessment: Verify whether the organization complies with relevant legal, regulatory, and industry requirements applicable to the management system.

  • Management review meeting: A meeting is conducted with the organization's management team to discuss the findings of the review, address any identified gaps or non-conformities, and plan corrective actions.

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