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Malaysian Sustainable Palm 

What is MSPO ?

The MSPO Certification Scheme is a national program designed to ensure responsible management of oil palm cultivation and production of palm oil and its products in Malaysia. It goes beyond the standard good agricultural practices and encompasses various aspects of sustainability and social responsibility. The scheme guarantees the well-being of workers in plantations, smallholdings, and palm oil processing facilities, including their health and safety, fair compensation, and access to proper training. By obtaining MSPO certification, businesses demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and the welfare of their employees.

Requirements of MSPO ?

The MSPO Standards consist of seven (7) principles that serve as the foundation for a comprehensive management system framework. These principles are built upon the pillars of sustainability, encompassing economic viability, social acceptability, and environmental soundness. The standards provide a holistic approach to ensure that palm oil cultivation and production in Malaysia align with sustainable practices and contribute to the well-being of society, the environment, and the economy. 


  • Management commitment and responsibility

  • Transparency

  • Compliance to legal requirements

  • Social responsibility, health, safety, and employment conditions

  • Best practice

  • Environment, natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystem services

  • Development of new planting

Benefits of MSPO

  • Enhanced sustainability 

  • Market access

  • Compliance with Regulation 

  • Improved reputation 

  • Stakeholder engagement 

  • Increased efficiency 

  • Improved social responsibility 

  • Continuous improvement 

How can Nixan assist you?

At Nixan, we specialize in providing management system training and consultancy services. With our extensive expertise and practical experience, we assist clients in developing effective management systems, from conceptualization to successful implementation.


Our consultation approach is designed to help you achieve certification by following these key steps:


Identify areas within your current Management System that require improvement or development.


Collaborate with your company personnel to create a strategic action plan that addresses these improvement areas and effectively communicates the requirements to key personnel at all levels.


Deliver system-related trainings to your company personnel, raising awareness and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills for system implementation.


Help and guidance in developing and implementing the systems, including the preparation of documentation.


Offer advice and support, if needed, in preparing and submitting applications to your certification body.


Assist in the development of internal auditing procedures and provide training to ensure effective implementation of the management system.


Conduct internal audits to verify the successful implementation of the management system prior to the final audit by your certification body.


Facilitate Management Review Meetings to evaluate the performance of the management system and identify areas for improvement prior to the final audit by your certification body.

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