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Performance Management

What is it?

Performance management is the process of setting goals, evaluating, and assessing employee performance, providing feedback, and guiding employees to improve their performance and achieve organizational objectives. It involves a systematic approach to aligning individual goals with organizational goals, tracking progress, and providing ongoing support and development opportunities.

Benefits of implementing it? 

  • Talent retention

  • Data for Decision- Making

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Clear Expectations

  • Improved Performance

  • Employee Development

  • Alignment with Organizational Goals

  • Motivation & Engagement

  • Improved Communication

How can Nixan help you ? 

  1. Designing Performance Management Systems: Assess the organization's goals, culture, and existing processes, and develop a performance management framework that aligns with these factors.

  2. Providing Expertise and Best Practices: Ensures that the performance management system implemented by the organization is based on sound principles and aligns with industry standards.

  3. Training and Development: Provide training programs and workshops to educate managers and employees on performance management concepts and practices.

  4. Performance Measurement and Analytics: Consultants can assist in developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance measurement tools that align with the organization's objectives.

  5. Performance Improvement Plans: Guide managers in conducting performance discussions, identifying areas for improvement, and creating action plans to address performance gaps.

  6. Ongoing Support and Evaluation: Provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the performance management cycle.

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