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Gap Analysis on Current Management System to ensure Compliance 

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What is gap analysis on current Management System to ensure compliance?

Gap analysis is a process used to assess the current state of an organization's management system and identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance with applicable standards, regulations, or best practices. The purpose of a gap analysis is to highlight areas where improvements are needed to ensure full compliance.

How can Nixan help you?

  • Documentation Review: The consultant or auditor examines the organization's existing documentation, including policies, procedures, manuals, and records, to understand the current management system.

  • Standard/Regulatory Requirements Assessment: The consultant compares the organization's current management system against the requirements specified in relevant standards or regulations.

  • Identification of Gaps: The consultant identifies gaps or areas where the organization's current management system does not meet the requirements or falls short of compliance. These gaps could be related to processes, documentation, resources, training, or other aspects of the management system.

  • Gap Analysis Report: The consultant prepares a detailed report highlighting the identified gaps, along with their potential impact on compliance and overall system effectiveness. The report may also include recommendations for closing the gaps and achieving compliance.

  • Action Plan Development: Based on the gap analysis report, the consultant collaborates with the organization's management team to develop an action plan. This plan outlines the steps and resources required to address the identified gaps and bring the management system into compliance.

  • Implementation and Monitoring: The organization implements the action plan, making the necessary changes and improvements to address the identified gaps. Regular monitoring and internal audits are conducted to ensure that the implemented changes are effective and sustained.

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