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Risk and Opportunity Assessment for LMS


The Risk and Opportunity Assessment for Laboratory Management System Training Course offers a comprehensive exploration of the methods and strategies employed for identifying, quantifying, and controlling the risks and opportunities associated to LMS within an organization. By participating in this course, individuals will acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to proficiently assess and manage the risks and opportunities in the aspect of Laboratory Management System specific to their organizations.

Course Objective 

  • Introduction to Risks Assessment in ISO/IEC 17025:2017

  • Understand the organization and its context

  • Understand Risk Identification

  • Understand how to address the risk and opportunities associated with the laboratory activities

  • Understand how to integrate and implement the risk into management system.

Target Participants 

Management, Managers, Executive Level , Laboratory Technical Staffs, Supervisors, Direct or indirect users of test results and or calibration data.

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