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ISO/IEC 27005 Information Security Risk Management


As the number of internal and external information security threats continues to rise, organizations increasingly recognize the need for a formal risk management program. Without a mechanism to identify, analyze, and manage information security risks, organizations struggle to prioritize security remediation efforts and allocate resources effectively, resulting in increased vulnerability to security breaches that can cause financial and reputational harm.

ISO/IEC 27005 builds upon the concepts and framework outlined in ISO/IEC 27001, providing organizations with guidelines for implementing an information security risk management approach that is suitable for all types of organizations.

The objective of this course is to offer clear and practical guidance on the framework and steps involved in identifying, analyzing, and managing information security risks. It will enable you to review your current risk treatments and controls, ensuring they are appropriate for mitigating and reducing identified risks. By following these guidelines, you will gain confidence in allocating resources effectively to address information security issues within your organization.

Course Objective 

  • Recognize the significant advantages of incorporating ISO/IEC 27005 into an information security management system (ISMS) to safeguard information assets effectively.

  • Comprehend the risk management processes outlined in ISO/IEC 27005 and their alignment with industry best practices.

  • Gain insight into the underlying principles, implementation strategies, and usage of these risk management processes.

  • Establish an acceptable level of risk for your organization's information assets based on a thorough understanding of the risks it faces.

  • Develop systematic approaches for assessing and managing various risks associated with your organization's information assets.

  • This course will enable organizations to thoroughly investigate and evaluate information security risks using a robust, quantifiable, and repeatable methodology.

Target Participants 

Management, Managerial level, Executive level.

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