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Customer Service


Do you consistently leave a positive and enduring impact on your clients during your interactions? Have you managed to retain existing clients while also attracting new ones? If your response is negative, your company's customer service process requires some improvisations.

This course provides practical methods for retaining your valuable clients and securing repeat business. The training showcases techniques to assess your organization's capacity to fulfill and exceed your customers' requirements and desires. A well-rounded customer service program not only impacts the interactions between employees and clients, but it also instills a greater sense of dedication among employees with exceptional customer service skills towards their roles.

Course Objective

  • Define the concept of customer service in relation to both internal and external customers.

  • Acknowledge the impact of one's attitude on service standards.

  • Acquire skills to cultivate and sustain a positive attitude focused on customer satisfaction.

  • Develop needs analysis techniques to better address customer needs.

  • Implement exceptional customer service strategies to obtain repeat business.

  • Engage in exercises to enhance in-person customer service and build positive relationships.

  • Gain an understanding of connecting with customers in online interactions.

  • Master techniques for effectively handling challenging customers.

  • Acquire tools to recover difficult customer situations.

  • Recognize when it is necessary to escalate customer issues.

Target Participants

Executive Level, Management teams, Frontline staff, Supervisory staff, business owners

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