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Active Listening


Active listening is the essential element for effective communication, distinguishing it from mere hearing. To enhance your active listening skills and communicate professionally, an ideal approach would be to enroll in an Active Listening training course.

Active listening entails giving undivided attention to the speaker, discerning implicit messages, interpreting nonverbal cues, and asking appropriate questions. By participating in this training course, you will acquire the skills to listen attentively, comprehend, and respond effectively. These techniques will enable you to communicate more efficiently in various scenarios, including one-on-one conversations and business meetings.

Course Objective

  • Ability to use the art of ‘listening’ to build relationships and transform every situation into a profitable one

  • Real-time feedback on their own display of empathetic listening

  • The essential skill to recognize and clarify any misunderstandings arising from ineffective listening.

  • Capability to demonstrate active listening even in situations of emotional distress and trauma

  • Awareness to identify instances where active listening is lacking in communication, along with techniques to address it tactfully.

  • Comprehension of the significant power and potential that a leader with strong listening skills possesses.

Target Participants

Executive Level, Management teams, Frontline staff, Supervisory staff, business owners.

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