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Risk and Opportunity Assessment


Risk management has emerged as a vital factor influencing business operations, with stakeholders exhibiting greater concerns regarding risks. Additionally, it has become a fundamental component of numerous international standards. Risk management can act as a catalyst for strategic decision-making, introduce uncertainty within an organization, or permeate various activities undertaken by the organization.


By adopting the principles and guidelines of Risk Management within your organization, you can enhance operational efficiency, governance, and stakeholder confidence, all while minimizing potential losses. establishing a robust decision-making foundation and promote proactive management across all areas.

Course Objective  

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Risk Management approach

  • Boosting stakeholder confidence in the organization

  • Utilizing applicable Risk Management techniques within the organization

  • Strengthening employees' understanding and implementation of preventive actions

Target Participants 

Management, Managers, Frontline staffs, Supervisors.

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