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Empowering and Upskilling Managers


The program aims to create synergy between managers and HR departments, facilitating a collaborative approach in handling employee issues. Ultimately, the goal is to equip managers with the necessary tools and knowledge to proactively address and resolve workplace challenges, thereby minimizing the need for legal interventions and reducing payouts at employment courts.

Course Objective 

  • The program seeks to reduce the need for legal action in employment disputes, which can be costly for organizations by improving managers skills and knowledge.

  • Managers will develop essential coaching and leadership skills, enabling them to effectively handle HR processes and tasks. This will contribute to a smoother management of employees.

  • The program focuses on creating a strong partnership between managers and the HR department. This collaborative approach ensures fair and efficient resolution of such concerns.


Target Participants 

Management, Managers, Supervisory staff, HR personnel, business owners

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