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Basic Excel


Microsoft Excel, the widely used spreadsheet program, is indispensable in various professional roles. This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to Excel, covering essential topics such as importing data using Power Query, formatting data effectively, utilizing basic formulas and functions, and creating charts within Excel. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of these foundational Excel concepts, enabling them to leverage the program's capabilities to enhance their professional tasks.

Course Objective 

  • Understand the significance of Excel as a valuable tool in professional settings.

  • Import data efficiently using Power Query to enhance data analysis and reporting.

  • Format data effectively to improve its visual presentation and readability.

  • Master basic formulas and functions to perform calculations and data manipulation and create charts in Excel to visually represent data and convey insights effectively.

  • Apply the learned concepts and techniques to real-world scenarios in professional contexts.

  • Enhance productivity by leveraging Excel's features for data management and analysis and develop a solid foundation in Excel that serves as a basis for further advanced learning and usage.

  • Apply best practices in data organization, formatting, and analysis within Excel.

Target Participants 

Office executives, Business Analysts, anyone interested to use Excel for basic spreadsheet functions,

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