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Interpersonal and Communication Skills


In order to succeed, technical professionals need comprehensive training in interpersonal and communication skills, alongside their existing competencies and abilities. Whether you work in IT, engineering, science, or research, effective communication with both technical and non-technical professionals is crucial. This workshop is designed to equip you with the necessary tools for interpersonal and communication excellence. By enhancing your skills in these areas, you will be able to optimize your business interactions and achieve your important objectives.

Course Objective

  • Effectively handle disparities between yourself and professionals from non-technical backgrounds.

  • Effectively convey concise and comprehensible messages to professionals without technical expertise.

  • Utilize verbal and nonverbal techniques to foster mutual comprehension and agreement.

  • Strategically employ interpersonal techniques to strengthen relationships and accomplish performance objectives.

  • Cultivate active listening abilities that foster improved work relationships.

  • Effectively communicate your ideas across various communication situations.

  • Utilize influencing skills to expedite project completion and enhance your professional standing.

  • Proficiently manage conflicts in a productive manner.

Target Participants 

Manager, Executive Level, Frontline staff, Supervisory staff

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