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Customer Management Strategy


This workshop is designed to equip you with practical skills for selling in difficult economic times. You will learn how to identify potential prospects who may be less inclined to engage due to financial constraints or uncertainties about future opportunities. Additionally, you will develop techniques to effectively address objections, even during initial interactions, and successfully close deals that were previously deemed unattainable due to cost considerations.

By the end of this workshop, you will feel confident in your ability to immediately apply these newly acquired sales techniques, ensuring that no potential business opportunities are missed.

Course Objective 

  • Increase self-awareness and leverage strengths while overcoming weaknesses in sales

  • Manage different customer styles to enhance sales effectiveness

  • Adapt sales approaches for challenging times to build trust and improve conversion rates

  • Create customer needs and drive market demand

  • Effectively generate customer interest and secure appointments

  • Transition from a product-focused approach to becoming a trusted consultant, establishing trust and differentiation from competitors

  • Demonstrate value to enhance customer perception

  • Craft customer-needs-focused presentations to effectively communicate value propositions

  • Boost sales revenue during challenging market conditions

Target Participants 

Managers, Executives, Business Development Officers, Sales & Marketing Personnel, Customer Service Personnel, Front Liners.


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