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Customer Engagement


The realm of sales can be fiercely competitive and daunting. From making cold calls to engaging in lengthy negotiations, succeeding in sales requires a specific set of skills. While some may perceive salespeople as pushy, excelling in sales tasks necessitates the ability to persuade, communicate effectively, adapt to different situations, and exude confidence when faced with challenges.

Whether you aim to enhance your foundational skills or broaden your skillset to become a more valuable asset within a sales team, there is always a sales course available to cater to your needs.

Course Objective 

  • Develop the confidence to embark on a small retailing business, equipped with the knowledge and skills that provide a competitive advantage.

  • Master the art of engaging with customers to establish rapport and foster repeat sales.

  • Position yourself effectively in the market alongside competitors.

  • Emphasize value rather than price during sales interactions.

  • Enhance communication skills for delivering impactful messages to customers, both orally and in writing.

Target Participants 

Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Sales & Marketing Personnel, Customer Service Personnel, Front Liners

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