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Leadership Essentials


In the midst of transitioning into a new era of business, it is vital for success to adapt to uncertainty, complexity, and the rapidly changing trends in the business environment. Consequently, it becomes imperative for business leaders to possess crucial abilities like creativity, innovation, and effective people management, in order to navigate the evolving business landscape. Looking ahead, these essential skills will be deemed as a fundamental necessity in the shift towards Industrial 4.0.

Course Objective 

  • Provide a definition for innovation and creative leadership.

  • Recognize multiple innovation leaders, both from the past and present, and choose one or more as a role model(s) and potentially a mentor(s).

  • Engage in the process of innovating and utilize an innovation model.

  • Take charge and employ a leadership model to lead.

  • Establish a connection between innovation and creative leadership in your own life as an innovation leader.

  • Develop a personal development plan to enhance your skills as an innovation leader.

  • Collaborate on a team project to identify and present a compelling problem, reframed as an opportunity, with a wide range of innovative solutions.

Target Participants 

Business owners, Junior Managers, Mid-level Managers, Team Leads, Supervisors, High-potential Employees

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