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Essential Leadership Skills for Managers


Develop vital leadership skills for supervisors and managers to effectively lead teams, make impactful decisions, and drive organizational success

Leadership skills play a crucial role in driving success within your team and organization. This training will provide you with practical insights and strategies to enhance your leadership capabilities, enabling you to inspire, motivate, and guide your team to achieve results.

Course Objective 

  • Apply the concept, process, functions and review leader’s roles and responsibilities in line with today’s organization challenges.

  • Analyze and learn the tools to identify performance gap by using proven tools and device strategies to improve it.

  • Learn the various leadership style to become an effective leader to create and lead change.

  • Develop effective planning and control skills to achieve value added results and acquire basic skills on how to set workable and measurable goals to achieve organizational objectives.

Target Participants 

Business Owners, Senior Managers, Mid-level Managers, Team Leaders, Executive Level.

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