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Project Management Skills


Project management positions, including project manager, program manager, and project portfolio manager, are highly challenging roles. These roles require a diverse range of project management skills that are essential for guiding project teams through the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to planning, execution, control, and closure.

Project managers bear the responsibility of project planning, team formation, and overseeing project tasks, timelines, and budgets. To effectively manage these aspects, the best project managers rely on robust project management tools to maintain organization and efficiency in all project elements.

However, even with the aid of advanced project management software, the demands placed on individuals in these roles are significant. Project managers must possess a wide array of project management skills to successfully fulfill their responsibilities.

Course Objective 

  • Participants would be able to conceptualize the importance of project management, successful project management implementation, what are it’s drivers, success criteria, critical success factors, triggers of project failures and managing the expectation of stakeholders.

  • Participants would be able to understand how to effectively plan, and develop a schedule including Gantt Chart, Tracking Gantt and Network Diagram.

  • Participants would be able to proactively identify risks, quantify them, and develop

  • appropriate risk responses.

  • Participants would be able to learn techniques to hire, motivate and inspire team towards a high performance project team using various resource management techniques.

  • Participants would be able to understand the 10 knowledge areas of PMBOK Methodology and Project life Cycle, from Project Initiation to Project Closure.

Target Participant

Managers, Executives, Management Trainees, Middle Management / Senior Managers / Head of Dept,  Anyone involved in any types of projects within an organization

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